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Immunizations are an essential part of preventive care; they keep you safe from dangerous disease and protect the youngest and oldest members of your community as well as children and adults with compromised immune systems. Expert internal medicine physician Maurice Alazar, MD, and the team at Alazar Medical Group in Cleburne, Texas offers yearly flu shots and other vaccinations to protect you from tetanus, pneumonia, and other illnesses that can cause severe health problems. To schedule an appointment for immunizations, call the office today, or make an appointment online.

Immunizations Q & A

Why do adults need immunizations?

You may think that immunizations, also called vaccines, are something that ends when you become an adult, but this isn’t true. Adults also need to have certain vaccinations to protect their health and the health of their family and community. 

Vaccines create immunity by introducing a dead or weakened version of an antigen (usually a bacteria or virus) into your body. Your immune system then produces antibodies that isolate and destroy the specific antigen; if you encounter the live form of the antigen, your immune system is already prepared to fight the disease. 

However, not all vaccines produce antibodies that last for a lifetime. Some immunizations require boosters. Other vaccines must be administered periodically to be effective. And if you missed any of your childhood vaccines, it’s still crucial for you to be immunized against those illnesses, even as an adult.

How do I know which vaccines I should have as an adult?

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has guidelines for immunizations based on your vaccination history, age, general health, sexual activity, occupation, travel plans, and other factors. 

Adult immunizations available at Alazar Medical Group include:

  • Influenza
  • Tetanus
  • Human papillomavirus (HPV)
  • Pneumococcal vaccine (pneumonia, meningitis)
  • Zoster (shingles)

Alazar Medical Group can also provide travel vaccines that are required or recommended for travel to specific international destinations.

Why do I need a flu shot?

The experts at Alazar Medical Group recommend that all adults have the influenza vaccine, commonly known as the flu shot, each year to protect you, your family, and your community against the influenza virus. The flu can cause severe health complications, including pneumonia, and in rare cases can even lead to death in young children, older adults, and people with compromised immune systems.

The flu shot isn’t always 100% effective for all strains of the flu virus that circulate during the flu season of any given year. However, this vaccine can prevent or dramatically reduce the severity of the flu; most physicians assert that the benefits of getting the flu shot outweigh any risks or the possibility that it may not be effective for some flu strains.

To schedule an appointment for a flu shot or any other type of immunizations at Alazar Medical Group, call the clinic office today, or make an appointment online.