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Allergies can range in severity from bothersome to deadly. Experienced internal medicine physician Maurice Alazar, MD, and his team at Alazar Medical Group offer allergy testing services to patients struggling with allergy symptoms in Cleburne, Texas. Patients can learn more about allergy testing by contacting Alazar Medical Group to schedule an appointment.

Allergy Testing Q & A

What is allergy testing?

Allergy tests seek to determine whether a patient has allergies to certain substances and, if so, what specific substances cause allergic reactions. Allergy testing may include skin tests and blood tests.

What is the purpose of allergy testing?

The purpose of allergy testing is to identify allergens so the doctor can offer effective treatment options.

What should patients expect?

During a skin test for allergies, the doctor pricks the skin is several locations and administers a small drop of a suspected allergen into each skin prick. If a patient is allergic to the substance, redness and swelling appears. These reactions usually appear within 20 minutes.

During a blood test for allergies, a staff member collects a sample of the patient’s blood using a needle inserted into a vein in the arm. The blood is sent to a laboratory to be analyzed. It may take several days to receive the results of a blood test.

Are allergy tests painful?

Allergy skin tests aren’t usually painful. However, if an allergic reaction occurs, the patient may experience itching and discomfort at the site of the skin prick. This reaction usually disappears within minutes or hours.

What treatments are available?

If a patient is diagnosed with allergies, they may be able to reduce their symptoms simply by avoiding the allergen in question. However, in some cases, allergens may be unavoidable. If patients can’t avoid an allergen, they can reduce symptoms by taking allergy medications, such as antihistamines. Allergy sufferers may also benefit from immunotherapy, which involves injecting the patient with a purified allergen extract over a period of a few years.

In cases where allergies are severe, patients may need to carry an EpiPen®  for an emergency response to a serious reaction. Medical attention should always be sought after such emergencies.

How much does allergy testing cost?

The cost of allergy testing can vary. Many insurance policies cover allergy testing, but patients may still need to pay a portion of the cost out-of-pocket. Patients who are concerned about the cost of allergy testing can inquire about their expenses before scheduling the test.

To schedule an allergy test and learn about treatment options, call Alazar Medical Group today or book an appointment online.